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Dana Agnellini is a singer/songwriter influenced by acoustic rock, country, blues and folk. He puts a new face on his old school sound.  He describes himself as a spiritual person and his lyrics gravitate toward personal empowerment and spirituality. His lyrical themes range from sacred to secular, and have been called personal yet universal.  Dana views his musical career more as a calling than a job.  After performing his song "Angels Among Us", a woman in the audience handed him a check for $500 with tears in her eyes and asked him to begin recording so he did!  He is president of Silver Lining Records based in Fredericksburg, Virginia and records in Nashville with top industry talent. Dana just released his 3rd CD entitled "River of Dreams".  His other two CDs are "One Light at a Time" and “For the Light”. All three releases have received critical acclaim and have sold thousands of copies at live events, and online.  His songs are featured on numerous compilation CDs, some which accompany books,  and has had songs selected for TV series and feature films.  He is also a contributing author of the book "Living the Law of Attraction",  in which he tells the story of his spontaneous piano skills.  His cover of Thunder Road is a tribute to this Miracle that he experienced.  Listen to it on the “River of Dreams” CD. In addition Dana likes to weave music and spoken message together to create a truly heart opening, inspiring, Keynote Concert.  He is a regular speaker for churches, fundraising events, festivals, political events, corporate meetings etc.  His preferred live venues are church services, private/house concerts/ corporate events etc.

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