Talk: Mirror of My Soul

Talk: What is Mine to Do?

Talk: Embracing the Mystery

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Dana Agnellini

Unity MarqueeI am available to provide motivational and encouraging talks for church  services, corporate events, festivals,  meetings etc.  My keynote concerts  incorporate music and message in away that opens the heart and fills the soul with possibilities! Talks can be customized to fit the audience.  After 20 years as a corporate executive, and leadership coach,  I have developed a knack for delivering spiritual messages to varying audiences.



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Music and Message Titles:


Grateful Heart- A journey into the heart of my grandmother,  Gaetana Serrani, an  immigrant from Sicily who lived the American dream personifying gratitude in every aspect of her life.


Living in the Mystery-An exploration of  the liberating Buddhist concept of non-attachment and an invitation to "accept what is" in a non-judgmental way 


River of Dreams- A seven step unfailing process of dream manifestation.  


World Without Fear-  Fear is necessary and should be honored just like every other human emotion or instinct.  Chronic an irrational fear should be eliminated. This talk puts fear in it's proper perspective.


Standing Still - an invitation to open up the heart, mind, and spirit to the inner guidance that comes when we take the necessary time to meditate and reflect.


Hope is not a Strategy - This talk explores the relationship between hope, faith, belief, and ultimately knowing.


Spiritual Leadership- This talk serves as a nudge to all those that are being called to live a more expansive life of  service to our planet and all it's inhabitants.  


Dana Agnellini